Do over to start the year

Sometimes I wish I could have a do over to start 2014.  This year did not start off in a good note.  I was so excited to start a Paleo diet with a friend, join a weight loss challenge at work, and start working hard on hitting my new goal for 2014 to lose 60 lbs.

Well I have not been committed to any of these items, personal things in my life got in the way and I let them win.

Starting Jan 25, 2014, I am starting my new year over.  I am recommitting to my goals and I will be a better person.

What this has taught me is that life can get in the way.  It can cause you to stop what you are doing and reevaluate yourself.

I am strong, beautiful, loving, committed woman, who is changing her life one day at a time.

New Year New Goals

As 2013 comes to an end, I take a look back on 2013.  What were the ups and what were the downs?

This year had many more ups than downs which is a good thing.

I started the year wanting to really focus on myself and make sure I had no regrets.  I can truly say that I have been able to do that.  I worked my ass off and really worked on making sure I was eating healthy.

I met some amazing new friends.  I would not have worked as hard as I did without them in my life.

I went down 6 sizes in clothes and will hit the biggest goal of all … ending the year under 3oo pounds.

The biggest down that happened this year was realizing that my chance of having children has grown less and less likely.  I am working hard on finding peace with this decision but I know god has other plans for me.

2014 is going to be an amazing year.  I will stay on track with my journey of weight loss and get more and more healthy.

I will be able to shop at normal stores and not have to wear plus size clothes.

I am going to be able to do pulls ups (with the band) and get double unders.

I will keep growing as a wife, friend, daughter, sister and aunt.  I will keep motivating those who are inspired by my journey.

Good-bye to 2013.  You have been great.

Hello 2014!  You will be another great successful year for me.

WOD Love

After publishing my post about workout clothes, I sent a message to the owner of the website, WOD Love Clothing.  I liked their stuff and was bummed that none of them were in my size.

To my surprise, they emailed me back and said they could make clothes in my size.  I ordered a sweatshirt from them.  I LOVED IT!  It fits great and the customer service was fantastic.

For once, I feel like I am a normal person and can have the things that the cool people have.

I am looking forward to ordering a lot more things from them.

Thank you WOD LOVE for taking care of us plus size women.


Results from CrossFit Beo Xmas Throwdown

The day came for me to participate in my first Throwdown. I woke up feeling very nervous and scared.  I sent a text to Jeff and Todd letting them know I was so nervous.  They sent a nice message back saying they knew I would do my best.

I got to CrossFit Beo, checked in and started warming up.  I was feeling very overwhelmed and really wanted to fit it with everyone.  I started to warm up and all the girls were introducing themselves to me.  Then I started feeling better.

Time for the first round.

The first round was a squat clean ladder.  Starting at 35 lbs.  Going up by 20 lbs. each time.  Getting to your highest one in 7 minutes.  Once you have hit your max then you would deadlift for 30 seconds.

My PR (personal record) prior to this day was 115.  I was able to get to 125 and deadlifted 135.  I was so excited to PR at this event.

I took 2nd place in my division.

After going outside to cool down a little, I watched the rest of the heats go.  I was excited to watch such great level of CrossFit going on.

Time for second round.

I had practiced this one before with Todd at Sundown CrossFit once CrossFit Beo released it.  I was not able to get all the way through it in the amount of time allowed but I knew I was going to give it my all.

This WOD was a brutal one.
50 walls balls (10 lbs)
90 single jump rope
30 box jumps (16)
90 single jump rope
50 kettle bell swing (26 lbs)
90 single jump rope
30 burpees
90 single jump rope
All at a 16 minute time cap.

I did not finished I ended at 2 burpees.  I learned that I really need to work on my jump roping because that’s what got me down the most.

After I finished, I was so mad at myself and felt like I had let everyone down by not finishing.  It took me about 30 minutes to get over this feeling and then I realized that a Throwdown was so far down on my list.  I did it after starting CrossFit six months ago.

I ended the day in 7th place out of 8 places.  I could not be prouder of myself for this.

The best part of the day was that my mom, dad and husband were there to support me and cheer me on.

CrossFit Beo members were amazing and cheering on everyone no matter who they were.  I felt like I was one of their members and know that I can walk in anytime.  It is my box away from my box.

I cannot wait for the next one.  It will be another life changing event.





Training for My First Throw Down

I started training for my first throw down 4 weeks ago.  We had an idea of the workouts.  We just were not sure how many reps.  Todd, Jeff and Shannon were such a great support system at Sundown CrossFit.  Every Sunday we would get together, work on technique and make sure I knew what I was doing.

I would leave there feeling good about being on track.  Once the workout was released, I was so scared and not sure I wanted to do this because I could not finish the 2nd work out.  I was feeling down and was disappointed in myself for not being able to finish it.

The training took a lot of commitment in every aspect of my life – working out, eating and training.

Results to come soon.

Crossfit Throwdown

Last week I committed to compete in my first Throwdown as we call it in CrossFit at Beo Crossfit in Sioux City Iowa.  I have never felt that I knew enough to be able to do it.

I am heading home to spend the holidays with my family in Iowa.  I used to make going home an excuse to eat whatever I want, drink whatever I want and not care about the outcome.  Now I am excited to have this to look forward to.

This is going to take a lot of work and training on my part.  I will be able to do this.  I’ve got great coaches who will be helping me prepare.  I know I will represent Sundown Crossfit with pride and honor.

The workouts we will be doing are:

WOD #1
Squat Clean Ladder

Scaled W 65/75/85/95/105/115/125 etc…
You have 6 mins to work through as much as you can but you must complete each one of these lifts in that order. 10 points awarded for each weight completed.  When you can’t achieve a weight, you will then have 30 secs to deadlift that weight as many times as you can with a half a point awarded for each one. (You will have as many attempts as u like to get a certain weight before you start deadlifting remember you only have 6 mins to complete all work).

WOD #2
Wall Balls /10
Box Jumps /12
Kettlebell swings /26
singles jump rope

WOD #3
Thruster /65 for a few reps in the wod

The surprise part is what scares me, but I will make sure I give it my all.

I cannot wait to post the outcome along with some great pictures.

Crossfit Results

How is it that a workout can help you shape your body in ways you never thought possible. After doing many regular workouts at the gym and one on one training, I entered the world of CrossFit classes.  Learning how to do the different lifts, pushups, pullups, ring rows, wall balls and burpees. There is much more.  This is just the start.

The results that I have seen since doing CrossFit are amazing.  I have went down 2 pants sizes since July.  I feel so much stronger than I ever have.  I am actually seeing fat rolls going away.  I can feel muscles in places I never thought I would.

The biggest result is just feeling healthy overall.

I truly believe that CrossFit has the technique that anyone would need to shape up his or her life both mentally and physically.

How I End Up At CrossFit

For those of you who know me, you are probably wondering why I have not written about CrossFit.

My weight loss journey started 3 years ago at 24 Hour Fitness with a great trainer, Jeff Fuhring.  He was the first trainer whom I actually stayed committed.  I am not sure what it was or why it worked but I thank god every day it did.

Jeff invited some of his top clients to a special workout at a CrossFit gym.  That day I thought…OMG!  I wish we could do this every day.  A few months later Jeff left 24 Hour Fitness to take a coaching job at a local CrossFit gym.

In the beginning, I did not have the confidence in myself to do the classes.  I worked one on one with Jeff for a while until I got better.  I was very intimated by the class.  The people just had it down and I felt I would hold them back.  I kept doing the personal training with Jeff.

In July 2013, Jeff and Todd Wise opened Sundown CrossFit.  I decided if I wanted to see results and really get better, I would need to attend the classes.  I have met many great people since.

Some people think CrossFit is a fad, dangerous, or just stupid.  For me, CrossFit truly has changed my life.  I will write more in another blog about the CrossFit results that I have seen.  But for me I could never go back to the regular gym.  CrossFit is what I needed to get me on track to where I am now.

Thanks Jeff for bringing this into my life and thanks Todd for helping me excel.  I would never have entered the CrossFit world without either one of you.

Plus Size Workout Clothes

Being a plus size woman has many down falls when it comes to workout clothes.  I have tried many kinds and spent a few thousand dollars over the past few years.  I am going to talk about a couple of brands I have tried.


They have by far the best sports bra I have found to date.  They have great support that holds larger breasts in place for crossfit workouts.

The pants fit great.  I find they stay in place and they don’t fall down during workouts.

I will pass on the tank tops because I do not like the feel and they tend to bunch up in the wrong places.

Here is the down fall when it comes to Reebok items.  The only place I have been able to find them is at Lane Bryant and most of the time they are out of stock.  I wish more places would carry the Reebok plus size items.


They have good clothes.  I like their running pants.  I use them for my half marathons and feel that they do a good job with a little compression.

I do not care for their sports bras.  I do not get the support I need out of them.

Both the short and long sleeve running shirts are good.  I find that I always feel comfortable and look good in them.

The problems of plus size workout clothes are that there are not enough brands out there and they cost a ton of money.  Also the available styles and colors are very limited.

I look forward to the day that I can loose enough weight to be able to fit into normal clothes and out of the plus size world.

How to find the best running shoes

Today I am going to talk about the best way to find shoes for running/walking long distance events like 10K, half marathons, etc.

When I was preparing for my first half marathon in 2011, I went to the Sports Basement store in San Francisco. I was excited and nervous with no budget in mind to find the best shoes possible. The person who helped me just said try this and that and never explained what I should be looking for.

So I went with what I thought was the best ones at the time, spending a little over a $100.00. I worked out with them and broke them in. They felt okay but not the best.

I did the 13.1 miles in them. By the time I hit mile 9, my feet hurt so bad. I wanted to cry. The first rule that everyone told me was to never take your shoes off until you are done. I kept going, finished and could hardly walked. Then I took my shoes off and figured I would walk barefooted if I needed. Not only were my shoes too tight, I had blisters. My toes were pushed together so I had cuts on them from my toe nail.

After this experience I swore I was going to find the right shoes. My husband took me to a running store to get fitted. This was a very detailed and long process. (Thank you to the Running Revolution in Campbell.) They watched me stand in one place, walked and run on a treadmill without shoes.

After finding what was needed, I tried on about 15 pairs of shoes. I found that I would need to wear guy shoes for better fit and fell in love with Brooks.

In January 2012, I ran the Tinker Bell Half Marathon at Disneyland. While I only finished 10 miles due to time issue, my feet never felt better after a long run/walk. I even ended up going to the park later that night and walked even more. I wore out those Brooks pretty fast. I was sad to find that my shoes that I had fell in love with was no longer available.

While I was visiting some family in Nevada, I stopped at Scheels in Reno and found a new pair of women’s Brooks Adrenaline GTS 13 that fitted perfectly with extra room for the swelling that happens when you run/walk long distance.

GTS 13 blue

I wore the Adrenaline for the last year and half and owned 2 pairs of the above. When it came time to get a new pair of shoes I stayed with Brooks but wanted to change the color up a little bit. I ended up getting the same shoe but in the a different color.

GTS 13

I have to say that I truly have found a shoe that I loved and will stick with this one for as long as I can for my long distance run/walk shoe.

The biggest thing I have found is spend the money on shoes that really fit. You must invest in yourself for comfort. Yes, it can cost money but it is better than being in pain. It does not have to be the common brand name but it has to work for you. Trust me I have tried most of them like Nike, Reebok, Adidas and ASICS to name a few.

I will take Brooks any day.